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Sunday, May 27, 2012

How To Stick To Your Budget

As we advance further into the 2012 wedding season, I am often asked how can a "bride-to-be"stick to her budget.   While many of us are not blessed with the “no-limit” spending, knowing what is the most important is the key to successful budgeting when planning a wedding.
When determining a budget for your wedding, there is more to a budget than just an exact amount.  Couples should of course determine a set limit, but how and where to spread the budget is the most important. By knowing how much you want to spend on each element of your wedding, can better help you stay within the realms of your spending. If your guest count is above 150 and you are considering a plated dinner, a budget of $15,000 may not accommodate all your needs.   Couples should research the average amounts spent for each element of their wedding and include these things in their budget.
Hiring a Event Planner who can assist you with your budget management, is always a plus.  Event Planners are experienced with budgets and have often worked with large budgets. Event Planners can also provide you with vendors who are in your price range.  Of course this often times comes at a cost, but it in the end, it can save you money and stress. Implementing cost cutting measures, such as having a buffet instead of a plated  sit-down dinner, or using silk flowers instead of real flowers,  can help couples with staying within their budget. Using these tools can help with not only your budget, but minimize your stress while planning your special day.
So when you decide on what you want for your special day, consider the costs for all the elements of your wedding and determine where your money will be best spent.  In the end, it will save you time and money.

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