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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Relationship between Event Planners and Their Clients

As an Event Planner, I am often asked the question “ What does an Event Planner do?” or  “How can you help me?” It also amazes me that many clients do not understand the Event Planner/Client relationship.

From the start of the initial consultation, the Event Planner and the Client establish a relationship. The relationship can grow into something that is lasting and memorable, with the work of both parties involved. The Client and the Event Planner work together to create the dream wedding or event that is desired. Both should consider each other’s personality and respect each other’s creative vision. An Event Planner is the saving grace to a Bride-To-Be and I wholeheartedly believe that.  We are your coach and we are here to make the plays that need to be made to make your event a memorable event.  There can be bumps in the road as you both travel to the desired goal, but I truly believe that if both parties consider each other’s place and responsibilities, those bumps can be minimized.  Often times, creative visions can clash, but at the end of it all it is the Event Planner’s responsibility to ensure that the client is happy regardless of personal taste.

The bond that is developed between an Event Planner and their Client, is something that can never be matched and I personally think it is truly a unique bond.  As you make the decision to hire a planner for your special event, consider what you are looking for in an Event Planner.   Event Planners always consider what is their ideal client. The initial relationship is a professional relationship but sometimes can evolve into a friendship.  Clients should be able to trust their Event Planners to foster their ideas into reality. Consider these aspects when hiring a planner. Clients and Event Planners should be a “ good fit” with each other and relationship that is cherished even after all the pomp and circumstance.

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