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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyone Needs a Mentor.

So I have been pondering on what to write my next blog update, and as I walk around in my daily routine, ideas constantly pop in my mind. When I started this business, I went through so many things and researched everything that I could to make sure I was “squared away”. The one thing that I carried with me from my military career was the idea of having a mentor.  In the military, it is an unwritten rule to have a mentor; someone to look up to or pattern your steps behind.  You can have one or many and take little things from each of them to implement into your work of art.  Most people don’t even realize that they are mentors to someone, unless they are told.
  A mentor is not someone you copy, but someone you respect and admire for their way of accomplishing certain goals. In the event planning arena, there are so many people to “pattern” behind. There are the “well known”   and the “not so well known”.  We all learned from someone.  As I conducted my research to start my business, I learned that there are many people that I could follow and learn from. I have chosen a few, and from each of them, I take a little piece to create my own vision.  Like me, I know they had to start somewhere to get where they are now. My visions are endless for my business and as I stated earlier in my blog, 2012 is the year of branding my business. So to all those out there that think they are not in the position to be a mentor, there is always someone looking up to you as a mentor. It may be your work ethic, your professionalism, your style, or just simply you. There are some many ingredients that make us who we are, and it is those simple ingredients that encourage someone else. I want to say thank you to my mentor (s) Desiree Moore Dent of Dejanae Events and Bonita Parker “The Event Planning Queen”.  These ladies encourage me and let me know that I can make it in this business.


  1. Absolutely beautiful post! I have been thinking about the idea of a mentor. How did you "find" these lovely ladies? Do you have any advice for "searching" for one?

    Also, I just signed up for a free online (via email and forum) 6 week branding workshop. Would you be interested in working through it with me? It involves 1 email/week with feedback from a small business expert?

  2. Hi Shannon!! Thanks for your comment. Believe it or not, I found them through social media. As I started to research different event planners, I came across the both of them. I found different things that I liked about of them and their businesses. From their approach, to their different styles of business practices. My advice would be not to find some to be like, but find someone who has traits that are similar to your own and build from there. I chose these ladies because they exude professionalism , style and class. They each have their own style and both are very good at what they do.

    We can talk offline in reference to the email forum.

  3. Lisa, you just brought me to tears. Your are such a sweetheart and I thank you for this post! Honestly, this has to be the nicest thing anyone could ever say about me and my business!