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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bridal Expo Experience

It is that time of year when many newly engaged brides-to-be are venturing out to all the bridal expos. As a newly engaged bride-to-be, you are probably excited about attending a bridal expo or two. You excitement may soon  turn to being overwhelmed. There is so much to take in and there are so many cakes to taste.  When it's all over, you leave with a bag full of brochures, business cards, fliers, maybe a coupon for a "free" something and a stomach ache from all the cake that you have  tried.  When you get home with your goodies bag,  it dawns on you, that planning a wedding is going to be a trying process.  My advice to brides-to-be is take a deep breath and decide what it is that you really want.  The information that you received is valuable information and can be useful in your planning process. If you  don't know what you want, then all the information that you received will be one big large pile of paper.  Knowing what you want can eliminate a lot of unnecessary information. If you are just information hunting, then it is okay to collect piles of brochures and fliers. If you are on a  mission, ( which most brides are), then you have a purpose. Structure your purpose and plan your route. Know what you need and what you don't need. Often times, bridal expos are extravagant productions of services and it is like looking at the Christmas window display by Macy's on 5th Avenue. It is beautiful and you want it all.

Planning a wedding is a process and researching is the major part of the process.  All the information that you receive from a bridal expo, should be categorized into needs and wants.  You need a photographer, a venue for the reception, and a place for the ceremony. You may not need the doves flying over  as you exit the church, to get in the chariot that is pulled by the beautiful  all white Clydesdale horses. In order to have your "perfect day", you must have the perfect plan before and after the expo. Having a plan and sticking to that plan, will eliminate a lot of stress when attending an expo.  When attending a bridal expo, attend with a purpose. All your research will not be handled at the expo, but you will know what is available to you. If you need to book photographer and you have a few in mind, ensure that they are vendors at the expo and find out their availability. Most brides want to book their vendors at the expo or soon after. Be prepared to pay deposits when booking vendors as  many vendors require a deposit at the time of booking.  When it is all over and done,  a future bride with a plan,  will have positive experience when planning her wedding.

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