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Sunday, December 11, 2011

What About Cupcakes???

So what about Cupcakes??  Cupcakes are personal and very tasty. From Bridal Showers, to Baby Showers, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties and any other event where cake is a mainstay,  cupcakes are the new "go-to" thing .  They come in so many flavors ( Red Velvet being my favorite), and fit all occasions.  As an Event Planner, I always have to consider budgets and cupcakes are the way to go. The cost is significantly less than a designed cake and at the end of any event, you are more likely to have cake leftovers, more so than cupcake leftovers. If you are a budget conscious bride, or just budget conscious for your next event,  then consider cupcakes for your event.  Cakes are traditional and always beautiful.  There are those that like to maintain tradition, but there are  those that want to incorporate a new twist to  their event.   Let's face it.....Cupcakes are the new "hip" twist.

So I say " Let Them Eat Cupcakes!!"

Thanks to the ladies at "Cupcake Ladies" here in the Quad Cities. By far the best tasting cupcakes out there.

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