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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can Shoes Make or Break You???

So anybody that knows me, knows I love shoes.  Shoes and purses, purses and shoes. What is a girl to do?? To me, shoes can define you and your personality. They can be funky and stylish, or  calm and conservative. There are shoes for every event. Shoes for work, shoes for play, shoes for partying and shoes for relaxing.  Shoes for weddings have their own place as well and I think that shoes can define your wedding ceremony and reception. From the classy styles, to the conservative styles, depending on the tone of your wedding, your shoes must be in line with the tempo of your wedding. If you want to add a bit a flare, have your wedding party wear different color shoes than the decided  Wedding colors. Now the bride must always "stand out", so for a stand out look add a splash of color to your bridal gown by implementing a shoe that is the same color as your wedding color. So to answer the question
 "Can Shoes Make or Break You"??......Yes.  Choose your style of shoe wisely. Let it define your personal style and add flare to your special day.

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